The American Dream

Found these unfinished thoughts and I thought I would share...

Being Mexican-American, has been a challenge since I can remember. My family had .50 in there pockets when they came into this Country hoping to only build a foundation that one day could be enjoyed and appreciated by their kids and grandkids. However, living in a County where many see us as enemies, “rapists, killers, and burglars”, for decades, has been difficult. Laws are not the only ones who have made this difficult, but so have social barriers and generalizations of our population.

Tonight, my motivation and hunger for success grew even stronger. After being remembered what I have always wished for: the ability to provide my parents the life they wish they could have given their kids. I don’t think anyone wants to grow up and see their parents working when they are elderly and should be retired, while enjoying their social security. However, that is impossible for undocumented immigrants to do. They work countless hours, getting paid minimum wage, living paycheck to pay check. If they can barely support themselves and their loved ones, how can they afford to start saving for their retirement when their employer doesn’t even offer them one? Many of them aren’t even offered a tax return because they do not have a  valid social security number.

However, they continue to work their ass off, day after day, without knowing how they will be able to survive 10 years from now. Tonight, as my partner and I were driving home around 9:00p.m. We noticed an elderly man that looked to be of either Hispanic or Middle Eastern decent running from the street going from one side of the to the other (both sidewalks) placing business cards on vehicles windshields. I kid, you not I wanted to




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