Don’t Let Others Define You In the Workplace

Random thoughts as I am at work…

I’ve realized that I am at that stage in my life where I am no where to where I want to be “career wise”. However, my love life is great, which helps a lot. I am currently an administrator at a school…surrounded by big dogs. Although I am part of the team others make me feel irrelevant. They think they are above ‘sea level’ and the rest are little fishes in the water. HORRIBLE REFERENCE I know. BUT one of the big headed Directors at my school always says  “sea level employees” so I thought it would be funny to use the same reference.

Moving on…One of the coordinators at work tried me today. She thinks because I she’s a coordinator in the development department she can have me do all the work she doesn’t want to so. She asked my boss if I could do it. Typically, I am all for helping out and getting shit done, but not this time. I know my potential as an employee and human being and I am no one bitch. I am not going to do another persons job because they don’t want to do it even if it’s in their job description. I told my boss NO. I wasn’t going to do it. Although, I haven’t gotten a response it felt good to say no. I am damn good at my job and won’t let another colleague dictate what I do and how I shall do it.

I will keep you guys updates on what he tells me. Moral of the story: SPEAK UP. Don’t let others push you around. YOU ARE AMAZING, DON’T LET OTHERS PUSH YOU AROUND!


x A.



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