Being Broke

One of the items on my bucket list has been to attend a Laker’s game, in order to see Kobe himself, but damn those ticket prices are insane! My boyfriend and I have been saving up, but $300+ per seat is unattainable for us college students–the struggle. At the moment I am looking at seats that would be amazing, but my credit card available balance won’t allow me to purchase them. 3 more home games! My hopes of going are diminishing, oh man I wish we could really go! It really sucks not being able to afford things you really want. But hey…wait a minute! Isn’t that why we are attending a University? However, instead of making us richer, tuition is drowning us in debt. Thanks for making us stress out and work our asses we can just be broker than when we started! This is the reason why I am voting for BERNIE! BERNIE 2016!

I didn’t mean to make this about politics, but it happened!

KOBE please give us a pair of tickets, so we can go see you! –Right, only if he could see this! lol


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