March 26, 2016

March 26, 2016, the day my personal blog was created. A day full of multiple emotions that my brain can’t process nor that my body can react to. For some time now I have began to question the people who surround me. I feel like I have been an incredible friend to those that I have befriended and have befriended me. However, why do I feel so lonely? I feel as if I don’t have any friends I can count on even if I haven’t done anything to them. Why is that? Am I doing something to push them away? Is my personality dull and uninteresting? I know-these questions sound foolish, but they are those who I am really asking myself.

I use to have so many friends when I was younger and now feel like if I don’t have none. I see all my friend hang around one another, but a ring never goes through my end. They never invite me nor mention things to me. I have figured that maybe it’s our stances on life and the things that we are doing. Although, many times these things only bother me for a moment, I can’t help, but think about the future.

  • Who will be my maid of honor?
  • Who will be invited to my wedding?
  • Who will throw my Bachelorette party?

And all these other foolish questions that might go away tomorrow.

As I am figuring out how to end this, I feel like the protagonist of the show “Awkward”. haha



Why start a Blog?

Since I can remember, my thoughts have always been best expressed through paper. I don’t easily vent to people nor do I trust to do so. However, my blog is something that will be published and maybe understood by others. I hope to eventually connect with at least one person who along with me with experience self-help and self-growth. That in some way we will connect through maybe: experiences, thoughts, emotions, goals, desires. However, my goal is to express my feelings, write, read, and reflect. I hope to grow as an individual and hopefully better myself and  my decisions.

This is the begin of a blog that will not hold any type of format nor theme. It will only reflect my point in time thoughts, emotions, and experiences. Although, I know maybe someone will not read this…here is the journey to a better, healthier lifestyle.